At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Christian and His Furever- A happy little boy I left today with his Mom. You know, that little feller remember exactly where he was going. You see, he met his mom 2 weeks ago before his big neuter. They played under the big trees and met some fur neighbors that day, and this little boy did not forget. He knew he was home as soon as we turned into the drive. Christian jumped out of the car, walked right across the street, tinkled on the bush, then ran right up the stairs to his door. Mom was ready and so was big sister and a little niece. Everyone was down on the floor playing and getting acquainted. He checked out all the rooms, and when he saw his new leash, he began to jump at Mom and she took him outside where he went right out to the big tree and marked it his! I left a happy tail, a happy mom and two giggling girls as they were all playing with their new little buddy, and boy was he having a wonderful time! Happy Tails little Christian, you are home!

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Georgie and his new mom and dad and sister

7-14-17 Georgie has been adopted!!! Georgie sure is one lucky pup. He now has his forever family. When they came in the house Georgie he was so happy to meet them. He sat on laps and covered them with his sweet kisses. He is already bonded with his new daddy and they will be the best of buddies. His new mommy works from home so he will have her home with him all day to work on his puppy training and to love on him. Georgie just could not get enough of his new mommy. He even has a new little sister to play with. She may be smaller but she is his big sister and she will make sure he knows she is the puppy boss of him. This sure was a “love at first sight” all around. Foster Mommy will truly miss this little love but could not be happier for Georgie. Georgie went from wandering alone and scared on the streets to the loving arms and home of his very own family. He sure hit the jackpot. You are a very, very, lucky Georgie boy.

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7/8/17: Diva wasn't getting the attention she deserved in her first home so her former owners reached out for help. Now this sweet girl has her own special person to dote on her and shower her with love and attention. Happy Tails Diva!

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Coco will have a wonderful forever life

7-6-17 Coco has got to be the luckiest puppy in the world. This very sick 5-pound, 6 month old baby girl was not doing well at all. She was probably a week away from never seeing her 7th month when good fortune smiled on this puppy from so many people and places. Her owners knew she needed more care than they could give her and surrendered her to United Yorkie Rescue. That was the first great thing to happen. Coco's foster mom was her second fortunate thing. She knew this puppy was very sick and knew she needed to be at the vet's office first thing that next morning and couldn't wait longer than that. Her foster mom sat up with this puppy, who was most likely in pain from open sores on her head, legs, and body soothing her all night long. When Coco arrived at the clinic the next morning fate once again smiled brightly on this little puppy. Her vet knew how sick she was and immediately started her care. At that point the other vet came into the room, took one look at Coco and knew this little pup had to be hers forever. And so, Coco was adopted by her veterinarian, who will love and care for Coco her whole life. Could anything better happen for this little puppy? Coco will have this wonderful person to love her and take care of her for her life. Coco has a long road of recovery ahead of her before she is well, but she is safe in the arms of her new mommy who will do everything in the world to give Coco the Puppy the best life ever.

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Zen found FUREVER!

7/2/17. Zen and furever have finally met! Zen got up bright and early this morning, had breakfast, a trim and a bath, stopping by the front porch to take one last pic for foster and then he was off in search of furever. Thirty minutes later he pulled up into the drive way of the most wonderful family! There were 2 pups, a brother 4 and a sister 9 for Zen to play with, TWO teenagers that would be his furever friends and one was to be Zen's bestie furever and two wonderful parents. We all sat outside on the ground and played and got to know each other. There was a big fenced yard where all the pups could play and a big deck to rest on when the grass was wet. Zen's bestie is allergic to some pups, but Zen's new mom said she breaks out in just a few minutes if there is an allergy problem . . Guess what? There was not a problem at all. Such a happy tail this is. See, that's Zen's new Bestie holding him. They instantly loved each other. Recently it was discovered Zen had been with a teenager before having to be turned into the shelter. What more could this pup ask for than to have TWO teenagers to love him and keep him with them fur the rest of their lives. Leaving, I looked back, and one happy tail was headed to the kitchen for water and a snack! Welcome home, Zen.

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7/1/17 Gigi was adopted today. She was owned by a loving senior couple, but due to circumstances, they were no longer able to care for her. A family member took Gigi into their home; however, because they work long hours, Gigi was crated 8-10 hours a day. Due to their travel schedule, Gigi was boarded weeks and weekends often. They wanted Gigi to have a better life with a family that could engage her and surround her with love. Gigi then became a United Yorkie Rescue dog and although she was happy in her foster home she really wanted a forever home to cal her own. Today this happened for this sweet, friendly, and a lovely little girlie. She has a stay at home daddy and a mommy who is home a lot of the time. There is a wonderful fenced backyard, perfect for a young pup who still loves to run and sun in the safety of a nice yard.She will get lots of walks and play time with her mom and dad and other doggie friends. Even their vacations will be planned with Gigi in mind, so this little baby will get to go on vacation too. How could life get any better for Gigi? It can't!

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Daisy and new mom

6/30/17. Daisy came to UYR when her owner selflessly decided that poor Daisy (West Virginia) was spending way too much time home alone. However, it didn't take long for Ms. Daisy to find her forever home, because less than am month later, she was adopted. This adorable two year old Yorkie Russell will have a home with an experienced Jack Russell owner. Smart Daisy will be trained in agility, which she will just love. She will be surrounded by grandchildren and grandsons. Congratulations sweet Daisy!

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06/29/17. When her family moved, Buttercup found herself in a foster home with United Yorkie Rescue. But that situation didn't last long because Buttercup was adopted! She is now known as JoJo, and is living the good life. Her mom only works 3 days a week! JoJo loves to go for walks around her neighborhood! Dad and Mom are getting quotes to totally fence in the backyard too! A happily ever after story for all!

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6-24-17 Jerry was adopted today. This fellow has been though so much. When he first came to United Yorkie Rescue he was a pretty sick little fellow. It was found that his liver levels were too high, his liver was also enlarged, and he was pretty lethargic. There was a concern that the was failing. After 3 months of medication and blood work his levels have come down and although they are not perfect he is getting better. But none of that mattered to his new mom and dad. They already love him so much and it's okay that he will have to be on medication for his liver for the rest of his days. He is their baby and whatever he needs they will do for him. Jerry found his perfecto forever family. He even has a fur brother and sister and when they met it was also love. Kisses were exchanged all around. Jerry will have the best care and all the love he could ever want for the rest of his life. Hooray for Jerry.

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6-25-17 Bailey is still very much a puppy at only 1-1/2 years old. This poor little fellow, before the age of 2 years old, has already had three different homes in his young life. His last owners loved him very much, but their job situation changed and Bailey was being left alone for long hours. They wanted him to be happy and have a better life, so they surrendered him to UYR. He loved his foster home and the older kids who lived there because being such a young dog he loved to play. He also learned how to walk nicely on a leash and on these great walks everyone he met was his friend no matter if they had 2 feet or 4 he loved them all. All Bailey lacked was a forever home to call his own. Bailey got that today. He has a wonderful new life with a fur sister just about his age and a great new dad who is even a stay at home kind of dad. Bailey will have so much fun playing with his fur sister. He will get to go on long walks with his dad and his sister. His life will be full of love and fun, and don't forget the toy box full of doggie toys, the doggie beds that are ready for him, and probably lots of treats, and for sure lots and lots of love and kisses.

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Hope and her new family

6-24-17 A sweeter, more perfect little pup you would never find. This tiny, little 3.8 pound senior baby is finally at her last, final, and forever home. She has a wonderful new mommy and daddy and two fur sisters. Her mommy is a stay at home mom and will be home with Hope all the time. Hope will get so much love and attention. Hope is not much for playing and either are her fur sisters. They are just older pups who will love to lay around and give each other kisses every now and then. She has a nice fenced yard to wander around in and to lay out in the sun to catch a little nap. All this senior baby wants is a final home to rest her head and a person to cuddle and love her till the end. Today Hope found that. Happy life little Hope, and Happy Tails to you.

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6-22-17 Sweet adorable Thor was adopted. This little boy went to his forever home today. At first it was thought he was blind in one eye, but that wasn't so. He has vision in both eyes, with an immature cataract in the left eye. The extreme dryness of his right eye is treated on a daily basis with a couple of drops of Tacrolimhus and Vetropolycin. It’s likely that he will need one or both of these drops for the rest of his life. But that is just fine with his new mommy and daddy. Thor loves belly rubs and to give kisses, so a life of kissing and belly rubs is sure to be his. His new mom and dad are the stay at home kind of people. Happily for Thor, he will hardly ever be alone. He will get to go on walks, play in the yard, swim in the pool if he wants to, and just be the love of their life. Thor couldn't be happier and life is the best it can be for him now.

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Michelle and new mom

6-23-17 Michelle was adopted today. Michelle has found her furever home with a new mama who absolutely adores her. She will get to go to work with her mama, walks with other yorkies and their mamas, and even play dates with her new friends. Happy tails sweet Michelle. You are loved...

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6/18/17 Sweet young Abby was adopted today. Abby was picked up on the streets and ended up in the shelter She was severely anemic and infested with fleas. The shelter was afraid she would not make it through the night and they rushed her to the emergency vet to at least stabilize her through the night. The next morning our United Yorkie Rescue angel picked Abby up. She was taken immediately to the vet to get whatever care she needed. She had blood work done and much more. Poor Abby was so sick she didn't eat, drink, or pick her head up the whole day, but slowly she began to come back to life again. With the wonderful care she received from her vet and from her foster parents, Abby who is only about a year old, began to get better and better each day. It took over a month, but finally Abby was healthy enough to find her forever home. Abby's foster parents knew that Abby needed to be an only dog because Abby had let them know she was not too fond of any other fur friends in her home. Abby found that wonderful home and today she is the love of her new mom and dad's life and the very center of their world. She is their only baby girl and will never lack for anything again in her life. She sweet little girl went from the brink of death to living the life she was meant to. A life of happiness, love, kindness, and care. United Yorkie Rescue could not be happier for this puppy. She made it and she's home at least. Happy Tails little Abby, you deserve it.

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6/16/17: Sheru has left foster care! Furever is grand when such a sweet little guy, such as little Sheru, got a wonderful new Mom that is home during the day, (works at night, at the hospital) and Dad is home at night (works during the day, as a teacher). SO, Sheru has the best of both worlds! His furever promises early morning walks through the community, and then again at lunch, if it's not too hot, and then again in the evenings. Between all that walking, he can sleep on the big bed with Mom, and when Dad gets home he can play and sleep with Dad at night. He has a wonderful 2 story town home, in a lovely gated community in Greensboro NC. He has his own little patio that he can go outside, with a privacy fence so no one can see him when he goes to potty. Sheru's new mom and dad had everything ready for him today when he arrived and they were just so very happy to have this sweet little guy. Sheru will be the only pup for now, but in the future, who knows! Mom did say if he was really good, she might have another, please. For now, Sheru will be getting all the love, and belly rubs 2 wonderful people can dish out and this, my friend, is another . . . . Happy Tail!

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Me and my new Mom and Dad

6/10/17 Tiny, not even 4 pound, Cooper was adopted today. This young fellow needed a home where a puppy his age could run and have lots of fun. But he didn't want any cats or kids, and he wanted someone home with him most of the day. It had to be a special family for him. Cooper went to that special home today. He has a perfect mom and dad who stay home a lot and will be with him all the time. They promised to take him everywhere they go that a pup can go, to play with him, and let him run around in his nice fenced yard. Cooper will have a lot of fiends to play with too. We are so happy that Cooper the Cutie found his perfect forever home. He gets to live Happily Forever After for sure.

Here's what Cooper had to say about his new home and family:

My new mom and dad are the greatest ever! And a bonus - I have a new fur sister, Ella. Me and Ella hit it off right away. She loves to play as much as I do. I have a beautiful, safe backyard to run in while mom and dad watch me. They love to watch me and Ella run around, chase lizards and just have a great time.

I have a new comfy bed, lots of new toys and new clothes. I'll be "stylin". I met some new (human) neighbors. They both knew I was arriving today and had to stop by to meet me. They gave me kisses and I returned the same. They were so nice. What a day I’ve had. There were so many new and wonderful things and a great adventure. I think I'm gonna like it here. No, I'm gonna LOVE it here!

I wouldn't have this new life if my Foster Mom hadn't sprung me from Animal Control in April. I was so scared, but as soon as my Foster Mom held me, I knew I'd be safe and well cared for. I was sick when she picked me up, so she took me to a new dogtor who gave me some medicine and special food to help me gain weight. I weighed less than three pounds!

The good medicine and food soon had me feeling so much better. Oh, and the love I received from my Foster Mom really helped, too. I will forever be grateful for United Yorkie Rescue for saving my life. I am so happy now and I know I will be furever.

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Happy Tails Rocco!

Rocco now has two humans and a fur sibling to be his forever family. He has a beautiful home with a lake view and lots of love. Happy Tails Rocco!

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6/3/2017 - Boy, I began my day bright and early. Breakfast at 5:30 and by 6:30 am, I was in the car. The vet does not open until 7:45 where on earth were we going? I rode for 3 hours, stopping 3 times to stretch Foster Mom’s legs and to let her potty (she has to stop so many times!). Finally, we turned on this street, then we turned on another, and then I saw this pretty blonde lady standing outside. Boy, I thought, I wish she could be my furever mom, she sure looks like she would love me. Foster Mom passed by her house and went down to the end of the street, driving very slowly. Then we turned around and then Foster Mom saw the pretty lady in the drive way. Then we stopped. And then, guess what . . . . we got out! And then another lady came out of the house with a camera, and started taking pictures. Gee, I had no idea I was so famous. Then a truck drove up and this nice man got out to see me. He got off work just to meet me today. WOW! Next a pup came out of the house, his name is Simon, and he was the same size as me! What was this place . . . could this be my furever? Then we all went inside and the pretty lady showed me all the toys, and the food bowl. Simon let me have some of his water. Simon and I jumped on the couch and began to play with the nice man. Then I heard Foster Mom say “Of course he can stay” . . was she talking about me? Yes! Simon and I jumped off the couch and we ran around the living room and the dining room chasing each other, wagging our tails and barking. Everyone was laughing, and I was so happy, because I had a furever. The pretty lady and the very nice man were going to be my mom and dad and I got a bonus, I got a brother too. As Foster Mom was leaving, belly rubs were in process, lots of love was being given and stories were being told of a big farm Grandma and Grandpa lived on, right down the street and Simon and I will be going there to play almost every day, with a little girl pup and we have lots and lots of room to run and play.

Thanks UYR for taking me in and finding me my furever. I’m gonna love it here!.

Love, Jack

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Simon and new family


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Sugar now has a perfect FUREVER Mom and Dad and a fur sister to be best friends with. Happy Tails Sugar!

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