At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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I am adopted. Hooray!

Grace and Angel together forever.
Grace (and Angel)

12/3/17 Grace and her best friend and sister Angel were adopted today. Grace and her sister Angel were always together. In their first home their mom couldn't take care of them and had to leave them. United Yorkie Rescue quickly stepped in and rescued them before they had to go to animal control. They did great in their foster home and their foster mom knew they had to stay together always. They always knew where the other one was. They had everything except their own forever home. They waited and waited for someone to make them their forever dogs. Finally the Dynamic Duo of United Yorkie Rescue were so happy. They waited a long time for the perfect home for them to spend the rest of their lives in. That wonderful thing happened today. They now live in a home at the end of a street, with a fenced yard they can run all around in. They are the only furbabies in the home. They have two parents who will love and smother them with hugs and kisses galore. They are finally home and loving every moment of it!

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Benny found his forever family. He is adopted!

12-2-17 Benny was adopted today!! Benny's story started in Alabama. One day these wonderful people were driving down the road. There in a backyard they spotted this very small, very dirty, hairy dog living in a pen in the backyard with a Pot-bellied pig. There was a bowl of water, but no food. This sad dog was so thin you could see his ribs and bones. He could barely lift his head to look up at them, but he gave them a wag of his tail to let them know he was happy to see a kind face.

These wonderful people knew they could not leave him there in that awful condition. They knocked on the door and somehow, some way, they convinced the people living there to let them take this dog with them. They quickly grabbed him and put him in their car before the people could change their mind. And so Benny was on his way to Florida. Unfortunately these wonderful people were staying in a motel and could only have two dogs there, so they snuck Benny in since they had their own two dogs with them. They knew they could not keep Benny locked in a motel room for very long. They also discovered that Benny was not the best boy on the trip from Alabama to Florida. They travel a lot and he was not a good traveler. These wonderful people asked United Yorkie Rescue to please find this sweet baby a home where he will be treated with love and given the care he so desperately needed.

Four year old Benny thrived in his foster home. He was cleaned up and groomed. He got wonderful, healthy food and he put on the weight he needed to. He was loved and cared for. All he needed was his forever home and a his very own forever family. Today that happened. He has a wonderful stay a home mommy and daddy who have promised Benny they will love him forever. He will never be locked up and will always be cared for. Benny will never lack for anything ever again. His future is looking for bright. Happy Tails to you Benny.

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Hi everyone, I am adopted!
Chloe Ann

11-30-17 Chloe Ann was adopted today. It finally happened. Pretty Chloe Ann went to her forever home. Our sweet little Chloe Ann has found her special family who will love and adore her. Chloe Ann was welcomed with open arms as she started her new life with her wonderful new parents. Chloe Ann will be the only furbaby in her family, so she will be smothered with hugs and kisses galore! Chloe Ann came into UYR with some potential neurological issues and an MRI of her brain was performed to determine exactly what was going on with this sweet girl. After many tests, it was determined that Chloe Ann is in good health except for a little bit of fluid on her brain which could explain some of her odd, but endearing behaviors. In spite of some neurological deficits, Chloe Ann is proved herself to be a loving little girl who will make a wonderful family member for the right family, and today she found that wonderful family that will love and care for her forever .

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11/24/17 Moe found his forever home with a lovely family and has fur siblings in addition to a great mom and dad.

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Buddy and new mom
Buddy IN

11-21-2017 Buddy has been adopted. Buddy (now Robby) came into rescue with his fur brother, Cody Joe, because their owners could no longer properly care for them. Buddy and Cody adjusted well to their foster home. Buddy has always been a shadow to his Foster Mom. Cody has an adoption pending.

Buddy loves to play ball and tug-of -war. Foster Mom had the chance to babysit with Buddy for a few days after his adoption, and he really was happy to go back to his adoptive parents. He doesn’t have to share with any brothers and sisters now, and he can soak up all the attention and snuggles. He has a beautiful smile.

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SameI was adopted today, November 20, 2017! Sammy came to UYR as a breeder dog for the first 8 years of her life. When she could no longer produce, she was taken to a shelter. Although in poor condition at the time, she has now blossomed and found her forever home! She has a wonderful mom and dad and fur siblings who are showing her how much fun it is to be part of a pack.

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Hooray! I am adopted
Miss Hops

11-20-17 Miss Hops was adopted today. She went to her wonderful forever home. Miss Hops will love being an only dog and getting all the attention. It was her dream to be the only pup in the household and not having to share her people with anyone else. This smart girl, loving girl will now be living her dream. Happy Tails to Miss Hops.

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Toby and new family

11/18/17: I’m home now with my new mommy and daddy. I’d love to thank the Florida team for helping me find my true loving self by flying me to Iowa. My Iowa foster mom took the “bite” out of my personality. I’m living in an assisted living home with my mom Amanda who is the administrator of the home. Our beautiful apartment it right above her office. My dad takes me on long walks every day since he’s retired.

Thank you so much to Caryn G. for finding me, and then asking UYR to help me. I love and appreciate everyone involved in my Happy Tails journey!

Love Toby

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BamBam found love with his new dad.

11-16-17 Happy little BamBam was adopted today. BamBam found his perfect forever home and even more perfect forever dad. He will never again be stuck in a crate in a garage with little attention and love. He will have all the love he wants and all the attention he deserves because he is now the one and only pup in his new daddy's life. BamBam will have a house full of doggie beds and toys, and a dad who will be home with him all the time. This sweet boy truly found his happy ever after for forever and ever.

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Cooper and new mom

11/15/17. Cooper has been adopted! Cooper was found with his companion, Henry wandering the streets. Initially, he spent a good bit of time on the road getting their destination in WV to become UYR babies. Although he was just learning leash skills, Cooper had all the other skills: crate and house training~!

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Henry and new mom

11/15/17. Congrats Henry! Henry was initially found on the streets with his friend, Cooper. All attempts to find his owner yielded no results, so he found his way to WV and became a UYR pup.

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Libby and her new mom.

11-7-17 Lovely Libby was adopted today. This wonderful girl lost her first home when her mom got sick and was unable to care for Libby any longer. Libby was very sad. Thankfully United Yorkie Rescue took her in and with the help of her two fur sisters she quickly adjusted to her foster. She was happy in her foster home, but all she really wanted was a home of her own, her own forever mom and maybe even one fur friend to hang out with. Today she got that. She has a wonderful mom, a human sister, and a fur sister who would be just the right friend for her. There will be walks and playtime, fun and games, and love and more love all for lucky Libby.

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Mr Biggs and his new mommy. It really is love.
Mr. Biggs

10-30-17 Mr Biggs was adopted today. His foster mom called him her little velcro baby and her little fetch extraordinaire has gone to his forever home. He has a wonderful new mommy and daddy and a nice fur sister. Mr Biggs also has a great big beautiful fenced yard to run around in and play his favorite game of fetch. Mr. Biggs, who is not very big, will get all the attention he wanted. He loves and needed to be the center of someone's world and now he will be. His new mommy already loves him so much. Hooray for Mr. Biggs. His life will be the best ever.

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10-29-17 Blossom thrived the short time she was with his foster mom. Blossom’s new parents immediately fell in love with her pictures and wanted to adopt her. Blossom now has a fur-brother and a mommy and daddy that are retired and will give her all the love and attention she deserves. Thank you to Blossom’s furever mommy and daddy.

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Ophelia adopted


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Fiona and her happy new family.

10-26-17 Fiona was adopted today. Fiona thrived the short time she was with his foster mom. Fiona was such a joy. She loved to sleep right next to her foster mom and would wake her up with kisses in the morning. Fiona was having her teeth cleaned and this wonderful couple was at the vet’s office with their dog. They immediately fell in love with Fiona and wanted to adopt her. Fiona knew she had hit the jackpot. She now has a fur-brother and a mommy and daddy that are retired and will give her all the love and attention she deserves. Fiona is going to be a snow bird and is looking forward to cooler weather. Thank you to Fiona's furever mommy and daddy.

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Harley and his new mom and dad. What a happy family.

10-25-17 Harley was adopted today. This sweet 10-month-old puppy started out life the hard way. Imagine this, you are only 9 months old, still very young, just a puppy, and you are now in your third home. That is what Harley the puppy has already gone through. His first family knew he was getting sicker and sicker and they did nothing. He never saw the vet and he never received any puppy care. He was close to death. Thankfully for Harley, his second family saved him. They took him in and immediately rushed him to the vet where he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, and then it was discovered Harley had a liver shunt - without surgery, he would likely die. That is when United Yorkie Rescue stepped in and this boy made the plane trip with the help of a wonderful flight attendant and the generosity of Delta Airlines to his foster home in Florida. Harley received his life saving liver shunt operation and after healing from his surgery he was 100% ready for his foster home. Today Harley found that wonderful home. He has a stay at home mom, a nice fenced yard, and best of all so much love, attention, and care. Harley will never lack for anything again in his life. Welcome home Puppy Boy, welcome home.

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Sparky Boy and his new dad. Happy together.
Sparky Boy

10-24-17 Sparky Boy was adopted today. Sparky Boy came into UYR from a wonderful lady who rescued him from being taken to a shelter. Sparky Boy thrived the short time he was with his foster mom. He loved getting cleaned up so he would be ready to go to his furever home. Sparky’s Daddy is retired and can spend his time doting on his new fur baby. Thank you to Sparky’s furever daddy.

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Welcome Home Jake!

From Heartworm positive shelter pup to beloved family member! Yes

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Have you ever seen two such sweet smiling faces? A frequent visitor to Foster's (besties forever) smitten by none other than sweet little Precious. This pup’s new mom has been around this little girl since her arrival. Precious, always smiling, always happy, but not too keen on human hands finally found her furever in foster’s best friend. Here, snuggled up together furever, and to beat the band, Precious shares her home still with foster as she will still visit and will stay when Mom's visiting grandkids at the beach.. All pups are delighted they didn't loose their best friend cause they all know she'll be back to visit real soon! Happy Tails, Precious, you got the best of both worlds, and everyone couldn't be happier.

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